2020 || Video Loop || Cycled Photographs>digital>stop motion> ticks
“Ticks” is a video installation consisting of thirty different wood ticks, digitally photographed, and cycled in a 5×6 grid. (all ticks were pulled from the artist through his work on a “A Knife on the Table” and “Expanses”) 



Art can be the act of understanding, and burrowing into all that goes into it. Burrowing deep in the past of an object, or into your thoughts, feelings, or life. It can be an act of exploration to somewhere new or exploring the places you have been many times. To me art is a tick that latches on through your explorations. It burrows deep within your soul and once it’s in, it’s quite the challenge to get it out. When a piece’s life meets its end, the effects still seem to linger on, like an incurable disease. I saw it only fit that a tick can act as a stand in for art itself.
Over the past month, and previous two projects, I had been exploring new territories of not only art, but actual land. Through these explorations some unwanted passengers made their way into my life. In the case of the ticks, there were thirty, to be exact. Everyday, after coming in from working on the projects, I would look over my body and remove the burrowing arachnids. The ticks sat in a jar on my window sill, crawling for the duration of my work, as a visualization, and reminder, of those thoughts slowly burrowing deeper and deeper into my head. When it finally came time for my next work, it was a clear choice to use the ticks as a found object piece. They not only were captured through an artistic process, but were the figures of my artistic labour.
Photographing the ticks, I removed each one from the jar with a pair of tweezers. Placing them onto a piece of white paper, I then placed the glass from a deconstructed picture frame on their bodies. The pressure of the glass kept them immobile and spread their legs outward like a museum display. Moving the captured ticks carefully, I placed the frame beneath a glass drafting desk, roughly four inches from its top. The glass top allowed me to place a camera, lense down, onto the desk like a microscope, focusing steadily on the different bodies of the ticks.

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