A Knife on the Table

“A Knife on the Table During A Storm Brings Lightning into the Home” or “The World’s Medicine”
2020 || 2 x 4 x 14  Sculpture > Ceramic > Pit Fired> Wood Frame. || 9min SD Video> Digital


BEST IN SHOW | WINNER | Union Art Gallery First Year Experience | 2020 


A Knife on the Table {ie. “A knife on the Table During a Storm Brings Lighting Into the Home” or “The World’s Medicine”} is a multimedia piece featuring sculpture and video portions. 


A knife serves as an object of survival, an object of violence, a tool, a weapon. This blade has been tied to the hand of man since they could fathom the extension of their body through the use of the world around them. Where survival in a world of prehistory creates a vision of material and resource, today we find ourselves still bound to our tools of permeance; although they may take on exceedingly subtle forms. This modern relic of a knife replaces the physical space that these objects no longer occupy, but holds the same energy they possess; elusive, and shattered.      Our objects of survival have changed.


The Sculptural work for A Knife on the Table was made using mostly primitive ceramic techniques. {As shown in the video installation} Harvesting clay from the shores of the great lakes, we refined the stone-like deposits by hand into finer and finer powdered and liquid forms until usable for casting. The final blade(s) were pit fired using reduction/carbon smoking to turn the clay the rich ebony black seen in the final sculpture photos. The final blade was shattered into hundreds of pieces using a heat shock method of sudden and intense fire, then hand assembled from the ashes. Over a week of forging and matching of the micro-pieces resulted in the final work, which was then mounted on a linen pillow with a plaster interior.
*See A Knife on a Table Filed Notes for additional content*



*A Collaboration Between Jack Dalton Brandt & Elpiniki Tianis*
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